SUSPENDED Audio recordings - Need funds to replace equipment
(Coming back soon - Listen live to the Abacos Cruiser's Net at 8:15 AM channel 68 VHF. For Weather and local happenings. )

Originated by Bob and Pattie Toler in Marsh Harbour December 24, 1991 ~ 8/2010
August of 2010 until April 2019 Jill/Chris Prewitt and Susan Malone
April 2019 to Dorian - Lorraine and Bob Morecraft on SV Scaramouche

Net getting reorganized

*** Guest Net Controller's Format: Download Here . Thanks for helping out! ***

Current weather and inlet conditions here:

*** Please read:*** Overseas Security Advisory Council ***

*** Needs Volunteers to be net control operator of Cruiser's Net in mornings and host location/ house equipment
Special Thanks to Jim Moudy on Lubbers.  Links on Barometer Bob mobile

Shortwave: WX4NHC HF activity centering on the Hurricane Watch Net frequencies of 14.325 MHz and 7.268 MHz

Waterway Radio and Cruising Club
Listen in on SSB(phone) 7.238 SSB 7:45am, CW 7.047 7am , SSB 14.300 about eighteen hours a day and is always available for emergency assistance. File your Float plan and position reports.
Or when at sea send *Winlink email (free, needed SW radio, and HAM license) to KK4SHF
* about Winlink email: .. Or APRS KK4SHF-7 * We are always there.

Bahamas: Reciprocal Radio License

Get your HAM Radio License: ARRL Radio License

Get Free NOAA Charts and a Free Chart Reader to plot your trip on your PC. Chart Viewer.
Local information and tips:

    Buys Ballot's Law - Wind behavior for Sailors
In the Northern Hemisphere, if you turn your back to the wind, the low pressure center will be to your left and somewhat toward the front.

Lock your Boat! Tip: take a small part off your engine - if they can't start it, they can't steal it...  
Ask your Marina to install wireless infra-red cameras. They are cheap today (e.g. Cisco has one) . You can then watch your boat over the internet from your home PC. You can even install it on your dock if you have a WIFI.

Nothing like the bright clear skys over Abaco, get familar with the sky over Abaco for your next crossing. visit the "Heavens Above": Use 26.54N, -77.06W for Marsh Harbour

 NOAA's explanation of Significant Wave Height Click Here

Compass or Auto Pilot Magnetic declination angle adjustment:
Find your declination angle by zip code or Longitude and Latitude:
( Marsh Harbour 1/1/2019 26.54N, -77.06W , Magnetic Declination -8.39° 2019 -.07 W per year)  

*RIP CURRENT: "Most waves are formed by wind and water.  Sea waves usually result from storms, often hundreds of miles from shore...When waves break, water is pushed up the slope of the shore.  Gravity pulls this water back toward the sea.  If it converges into a narrow, river-like current moving away from shore, it forms a RIP CURRENT"*.   Considering our combined high seas and winds, please take special care with your guests, children and pets when swimming along the shore.
*US Lifesaving Assn


Choosing a datum for nautical charts: For safety reasons, a mariner must be able to know the minimum depth of water that could occur at any point. For this reason, depths and tides on a nautical chart are measured relative to chart datum, which is defined to be a level below which tide rarely falls. Exactly how this is chosen depends on the tidal regime in the area being charted and on the policy of the hydro-graphic office producing the chart in question; a typical definition is Lowest Astronomical Tide (the lowest tide predictable from based the effects of gravity), or Mean Lower Low Water (the average lowest tide of each day), although Mean Sea Level is sometimes used in waters with very low tidal ranges.

Conversely, if a ship is to safely pass under a low bridge or overhead power cable, the mariner must know the minimum clearance between the masthead and the obstruction, which will occur at high tide. Consequently, bridge clearances etc are given relative to a datum based on high tide, such as Highest Astronomical Tide or Mean High Water Springs.


Verbal / phonetic alphabet used to clarify communications
A Alpha     N November
B Bravo     O Oscar
C Charlie     P Papa
D Delta     Q Quebec
E Echo     R Romeo
F Foxtrot     S Sierra
G Golf     T Tango
H Hotel     U Uniform
I India / Indigo     V Victor
J Juliet     W Whisky
K Kilo     X X-Ray
L Lima     Y Yankee
M Mike     Z Zulu / Zebra
     ~ Compass Rose Points and Degrees ~
* Compass point   Heading
1 North N 0.00°
2 North-northeast NNE 22.50°
3 Northeast NE 45.00°
4 East-northeast ENE 67.50°
5 East E 90.00°
6 East-southeast ESE 112.50°
7 Southeast SE 135.00°
8 South-southeast SSE 157.50°
9 South S 180.00°
10 South-southwest SSW 202.50°
11 Southwest SW 225.00°
12 West-southwest WSW 247.50°
13 West W 270.00°
14 West-northwest WNW 292.50°
15 Northwest NW 315.00°
16 North-northwest NNW 337.50°

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